Sprinkles Quilt Tutorial

This quilt tutorial is for a finished throw size quilt, depending on a few factors such as the borders you choose to add, how accurate your sewing and cutting may be.  The gray Sprinkles Quilt above measures approximately 58" x 70".  The one used in this tutorial below measures 54" x 64".

Please take note that this is a tutorial and not a pattern, using strip piecing and improv. Your quilt may not look like mine, but that's okay. Your size may vary also.

You will need 3 yards of the "background" fabric, cut into (36) 2.5" x WOF strips.  There will be a bit left over for a border.  I highly recommend using a jelly roll.

The "sprinkles" or feature fabric strips will require much less fabric.  You will need only 5 or 6 WOF strips or 10 or 11 strips measuring 2.5" x 21" (from the long side of a fat quarter).  This number will depend on which fabric you start and end your stripes with.

Use a smaller stitch length such as 1.8 or 2.0.  Sew with a 1/4" seam.

Sew together the "background" strips with the "feature" fabric strips. Press the seams to the dark side.

If using WOF strips, you will have 5 feature fabric strips and 5 "background" strips sewn together.  Once they are sewn, cut the panel in half (see photo) so that each side measures about 21" and then sew these together, making sure to sew the fabrics in alternating stripes, for one long panel.

If using the shorter strips, you will need to cut the "background" WOF strips in half first, then sew all of the strips together.

Add a "background" strip to one side or a feature fabric strip to the other side.  You will have a total of 21 strips sewn together. (Do not count my strips in the photo.  I miscounted while sewing and forgot to take pictures when I made my correction.)

Fold the panel in half, square up one side and then cut 1" striped strips.  You will need 18 1" striped strips total to fit WOF.  However, depending on how accurate your seams are and how accurate the strips are cut, you could fit more or less.  For this quilt, I fit 19 but for the gray one, I only used 18 1" striped strips.

Pair the 1" striped strips with the 2.5" x WOF "background" strips, with one 1" striped strip leftover.  Sew the 1" striped strips on top (see photo).  This will help speed up your sewing since you can see the seams as well as prevent warping when sewn. Be careful when handling these skinny strips so as not to pull apart the stitches. Press the seams away from the 1" inch strips.

Note: In the photos below, you will notice I did not trim off the selvage edges of the background fabric.  I eyeballed the placement, matching up the ends by sight but was okay with the variation in placement.  You could trim off those ends at this point to better align the feature fabrics.

Sew all the strips together, adding the leftover 1" striped strip to one side so that both sides have the 1" striped strips on the edge.  As another option, you could stop here, square up the edges and add a border from the background fabric to make a throw size. Continue on for the rest of the "sprinkles" tutorial.

Lay out the panel and cut roughly in the middle of the feature fabric.  Since the panel is longer than my cutting mat, I start from the bottom, cut, slide the panel up and then continue the cut, lining the ruler up with the bottom cut.  Repeat this at every "dash".

Sew a "background" strip to each of these and then sew these all together.

Add the leftover background strips as a border.  These will need to be pieced together to fit the sides of the quilt. Fabrics used in this tutorial are Kona Snow and Kona Tiger Lily.

For the gray version, I used 11 different "feature" fabrics and alternated the placement of the strips in the last step so that the "sprinkles" are more varied. 

Here is a black and white version I made, stopping just before the last cut through the "dashes" and then adding all the leftover strips as borders. 

If you make a quilt using this tutorial, I would love to see it.  Tag me with @mandyandydesigns on instagram or send me an email. If you have any issues making this quilt or any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. 


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