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Scrap Organization and Storage

  My scrap quilts always get the most interest, attention, and questions so I’ll share what I do. This is what I posted on my instagram account through multiple posts but I've combined and condensed them all in this post.  I’ve tried storing by color or size or whatever only but that didn’t work for me.  I have two storage towers for different categories and works in progress. I’ve tried using only one but it’s not enough room. PRECUT SCRAPS: I basically cut them so they can mix and match with the math easily (1.5, 2.5, 4.5”). There’s a few other sizes thrown in that are leftover from other projects but it would be too much waste to cut them down so I leave them. When this bin fills up, I make a quilt. I currently only have up to 1.5x5.5” because I used all the bigger strips on this quilt.  I include up to 6.5” and anything longer is left longer. Strips 2.5” are left long and sometimes used as binding. If it doesn’t quite make 2.5”, I’ll cut it 2 1/4” and it goes in with the bindi

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