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I sew.  I sew a lot, probably more than I should. There's the kids, the house, the husband, so, so many things I probably should spend more time on but I don't.  I'm an artist.  I've tried many different mediums.  I was an abstract painter.  People didn't get it so I tried realism but it just wasn't for me.  (Just take a photo if you want it to look real! haha) I did printmaking in high school, which I did love but is a little hard to translate to real life without all the tools (acid baths). I even tried designing frames with decoupage.  I've tried sewing clothes but I hate following patterns and tried designing my own so my clothes never fit correctly.  I also worked as a graphic designer but the competition is fierce, especially when competing with the whole word through the internet. And not to mention, I don't actually like people telling me how to be creative!
Quilt I made for my brother and his wife when they got married, not my worst but certainly not the best either.
 And then somehow I landed on quilting.  My first quilts were horrible.  I didn't know anything about squaring up or even cutting accurately (don't rip the fabric like you can when designing clothes).  But we still use many of these quilts because I got some things right and they are soft and comfy and have been washed a million times and have held up surprisingly well.  
Sunset on the Water
I can be abstract with quilting and if you don't get it, it's just a bunch of blocks sewn together to create a blanket.  (My husband says he just sees a bunch of circles) Or maybe you see what I see, a sunset on the water. Either way, it doesn't matter.  I've made functional art and that's what I like.


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