Dog Silhouette Paper Piecing Patterns

I have three dog paper piecing patterns now available through my pattern shop. My favorite is my Rebel Doxie.  Based on my miniature dachshund, who thinks she is large and in charge and doesn't like listening to any authority. Hence the mohawk, lol.  I was inspired to make this pattern because I already had a dachshund pattern from thetartankiwi but my dachshund is a miniature and isn't quite as long as other doxies and she has a super long tail.

My rainbow mohawk Doxie
 Next is my Miniature Pinscher named Diesel.  I couldn't find any patterns for min pins but after searching for days, I finally found one but it actually looked like a doberman, which mine clearly doesn't.  P.S. Many people think the miniature pinscher is just a miniature doberman but it's not.  Min pins came first actually.  Anywho, I actually made the min pin pattern first and just made the silhouette only.  Then I made the Rebel Doxie and thought the min pin pattern was a little plain so I added a spiky collar, which my son preferred because it was more fun. The pattern includes both the plain version as well as the collar.

And last, what actually started this dog pattern making journey, my Harley Dog. I had gotten the pattern from thetartankiwi for the dachshund and put it in my drawer for a later time.  Then Harley got sick and died rather suddenly; she was only 12.  I then pulled out the dachshund pattern to make a mini quilt of my dogs (the other ones are also seniors, 9 and 10) and then couldn't find what I was looking for, for the min pin and especially not my Harley, as she was a Pointer/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix.

Patterns can be found HERE in my pattern store.  

The finished mini quilt for my son, the idea behind the creation of the paper piecing patterns.  The back does include the dachshund by thetartankiwi since it was already made and small enough to fit. 


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