Paper Piecing Pattern

I started making paper piecing patterns.  I was actually inspired to start making patterns by tartankiwi's dachshund pattern, which I purchased and made and realized I wanted to make a mini quilt of all my dogs, especially since my first dog as a grownup had just recently died. I could not find anything that resembled my other dogs (dachshund's are so easy; they all look basically the same). So I finally figured out the programs to make the patterns and made some of my dogs, which I'll be releasing at some point when I finished testing them out (so be on the lookout for those soon).
Sneak Peek
But since I can never work on only one project at a time, I also started my pattern at the same time as I was imagining it as a Bible cover.  And it ended up being super tiny.  It wasn't hard, just tedious.  I turned the blue one into a cover for my son with paper airplanes and yellow, two of his favorite things.

I also made a cover for my daughter but didn't make the .org part (because it's so tedious) but now I think it feels like it is missing; but she loves it since it is pinks and purples and has butterflies.

 Now the good part.  You can download the pattern for free here.  It originally was only a 6.5" square pattern but I've also added a 9 inch option, just print which one you'd prefer to make. The pattern is for the block only and does not include the Bible cover.  You will need some paper piecing experience; I don't recommend this for beginners because the pieces are so tiny and many are held by only a few stitches.  But those with experience should have no trouble. The pattern can also be enlarged to be bigger, just remember to adjust seam allowances.

I'd love to see anything you make with it so don't forget to tag me on instagram (or send it to me if you don't do all that stuff).


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