Unknown Inspiration

I don't really like to "blog" or talk about myself much but that's the sort of thing people do, right? So here's a little bit about a series I had no idea I was working on.

Most of the time, I just make what pops into my head. I do very boring traditional quilts for friends and family.  Traditional basically holds no interest for me because they are so plain, no thought is really required, plain fabric is usually used, etc. Traditional does have its place with me; sometimes it's nice to work on something that doesn't require as much thought.  When I create for myself or whatever pops into my head, it's almost always improv of some sort.  They require a lot of "making it work", which is when I feel the most creative.

So here it goes: I made three quilts that were inspired by me, what I was into, at certain ages.
This is my mermaid quilt.  I had never sewn curves before and decided to improv cut all the curves in stacks of five.  This is one that I wish I had added sashing because all of the lovely curves that I spent so much time working on kind of get lost and jumbled together.  I wanted to add sashing but didn't have enough of any one fabric to do so and instead decided to make it work.  I may at some point take it apart and add sashing.  Crazy, I know but it really bothers me.  Anyway, this represents my 8-12 yr old self in that I loved mermaids and bright colors (Lisa Frank, anyone?).

I call this "Neon Geek"  I was inspired by the Robert Kaufman Sarah Johnston fabric that has glasses and math equations (it's really hard to see in the photos but this fabric started it all).  But I hated the green so I cut it out and had these irregular panels which I cut into strips and interspersed neon colors.  Then I used the leftovers and kept pulling color related fabric until it was big enough.  The x, + and - are obviously math inspired but I basically just sewed the leftovers up with them.  It was definitely a make it work quilt since nothing fit in the center and I hate wasting cutting parts.  This was inspired by my 12-15 years.  I was still into neon big time and loved math.
This The Cure t-shirt quilt.  This represents 15-18 (to now, really, still my favorite band).  I had an extensive collection that I never wore, and was never going to wear, so I cut them up.  It would have made sense to cut them the same size in order to sew them together easily but that didn't even occur to me until after I had cut every shirt based on it's picture and then had to piece them together somehow.  But it would have boring otherwise so it all worked out.  The back references one of their songs, Lovecats (I realized I forgot to add the triangles to the bottom of the cat faces too late.) It's very big and heavy and I don't really use it.  My house is always shorts/t-shirt temperature year round per my husband.

It wasn't until I finished the third one that I realized what I had done (that they were all me, but different aged me). All of these quilts were made with what I had, before I had any real collection of fabric and I had to make it work. So these are some of my favorites.

(The photos totally need updating too because they were from before we had our white garage as the perfect backdrop.)


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