Sun Square Quilt Pattern

Sun Square Quilt Pattern is now available. The pattern can be purchased in my pattern shop. The pattern is beginner friendly and is designed to be made quickly.  It looks complicated but it really isn't.  It is charm square friendly and fat quarter friendly. This pattern can be made in so many ways and I've also included alternative fabric placement variations.

I originally had no intentions of making patterns. This pattern was inspired by this quilt, which was made with leftover pieces from another quilt.

The original inspiration quilt

After making this quilt, I decided to make another version, and then another version and so then I just wrote a pattern and made three more versions. 
This quilt is the 21 fabric colorway with contrasting background fabric

This is probably my favorite version with the Snap to Grid fabric by Cotton and Steel.  The background is the Confetti print from Jubilee, the binding is from Cotton and Steel's first Black and White collection and then the backing is from Kujira and Star.  I love how the collections go so well together. 

This quilt is the 12 fabric colorway with contrasting background fabric.

The backing

There is a Bonus pattern on the last page which is a mini version of the main quilt but uses the same dimensions for the blocks. I made four blocks, added a partial border to each and turned it into a quilt, again with Cotton and Steel fabric.
This quilt is made from the Bonus block pattern

I still have one more version yet to be quilted but here is a photo of the quilt top. 

Next week, I will be making another version out of solids and I've an idea how to add my Pyramid Wheel Paper Piecing Pattern so follow my instagram to see my progress. 

Find the pattern here.  I look forward to seeing the variations and what you think of my first quilt pattern.  


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