Country Sky Quilt Pattern, the Third in the Series

Another sky quilt pattern is now available, and I think this one is my favorite.  This time the inspiration is my view, from my porch, and my sewing room.  Now I've taken artistic license so you'd have to use your imagination a little bit. Find the pattern here in my pattern store.  

The quilt above is the throw size and quilted with 1 inch lines. The quilt below is the baby size made with prints with an added border to make it more throw size.  I think it gives it a framed photo look to it.

And here is the mini/wall hanging size, which I have plans for as part of a bonus layout after the fourth pattern is finished. 

Some lovely versions from my testers. This one is from Jessica Wester.

This "day"version is by Emily Jackson.  

All four sky quilts in throw size together.  The final pattern will be coming in January.  


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