Far Out Quilt Pattern Release

Far Out Quilt Pattern is now available.  I've had it finished for a few months; I just stopped short of uploading it, not really sure why.  It can be purchased in my Pattern Shop or Etsy if you prefer.  Some photos are included below the quilt photos to help with the pattern if you get stuck on something, especially if you are a beginner.   

This one is definitely my favorite with the mix of neons.  There is a similar version below that is much simpler but this one above really draws you in and I love that!

This one is made with selvage weaving panels, which are selvages woven together, fused to a very light interfacing and then quilted for stability.  Then I cut the panels into strips according to the pattern and went from there.  It looks so good in person.  Unfortunately, the camera cannot capture the selvage weaving from this viewpoint since I was trying to get a photo of the whole quilt.  

The Far Out Quilt Pattern was inspired by a quilt I made for my brother and his wife when they bought their new home.  The pattern went through several iterations and this gray one above was what inspired the final quilt layout. This gray version was made using all linens and wovens and I had loads of smallish pieces that I just couldn't part with.  I pieced them all together improv style, then trimmed them to the size required by the pattern and this lovely version was created.  It has tons of metallic Essex linen and truly sparkles in person.  

The next version was inspired by 80s/90s neon, which then led to the version above.  This uses a solid background and is one of the iterations I worked through.  But in the end, I thought it too plain and boring.  And lots of people asked about the piecing for the gray linen one above.

Below are some photos about strip piecing and subcutting into the various blocks, and then twirling the seams to reduce bulk and to help with nesting when piecing it all together.
Strip Piecing - Cutting them to size all at once
Strip Piecing - Cutting them to size at the same time

Twirling the Seams

This one is a scrappy plain background version using mixed fat quarters for the backing.  This ended up not being included in the pattern as the numbers just didn't work out without severe waste of fabric.  So in the end, it will be up to you how you want to use your fabric in your quilt.  I have given some tips on mixing various sizes of fabrics in your stash.  However, I tried to make the pattern have as little waste and leftovers as possible and using up what you may already have.

Find the pattern available in my Pattern Shop or Etsy and it's part of my $5 series. It's a simple, to the point pattern and goes together rather quickly and would be a lot of fun!


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